Auto Electrician

We have the expertise along with the latest diagnostics and electrical test equipment to diagnose and repair any electrical fault. 

Over the last 10 years vehicles have become more and more reliant on computers. Many vehicles have computer modules for engine, gearbox, immobilizer, airbag, ABS, audio, climate control, headlights, wipers and much more.


With the cost of replacement parts often well in the £100’s, it is vital that the correct diagnosis is achieved to avoid buying and fitting parts that are both not required and do not fix the problem. We see this happen all too often when the vehicle has been elsewhere and just because it has a fault code related to a component that part has been replaced only to make no difference and the problem still present. 

With our equipment we are able to test components and in most cases and also perform functional test. We also have access to all manufactures wiring diagrams which allow us to check wiring between control units and components enabling an accurate diagnosis.


Example of wiring damage. This was located between the drivers door and the body causing electric window and central locking faults.


Example of plug failure where a high resistance has causes the connection to heat up and melt the plug


Example of a dry solder joint in a PCB. Common failure on many vehicles

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