• Workshop Services

    • We can service your vehicle to the manufactures specification using original equipment quality parts, we can quote your next service with just a registration number and the present mileage.

      Each manufacturer has different replacement schedules for filters, plug and other wearing/perishable items. We have dealer level service schedules for all makes and models enabling us to see exactly what needs to be replaced or checked. We can quote your next service with just a registration number and the present mileage.

      Remember you do not have to use main …

    • Got a slipping clutch, noisy DMF or whining gearbox? 

      At RAF we can carry out all transmission repairs from a replacement clutch to a complete gearbox rebuild. 

      Dual Mass Flywheels are fitted to many modern vehicles along with a hydraulic slave cylinder which both can give problems. We normally recommend that these parts are changed along with a new clutch in most cases

      We carry out in house manual gearbox repairs and complete rebuilds for most makes and models. If you have an Automatic and CVT transmissions we can remove and …

    • At RAF we pride ourselves on being able to diagnose and resolve any technical issue on your vehicle. If it is a Fuel, Electrical, or Mechanical related issue, then we possess the latest diagnostic equipment and expertise to find your issue, and repair it for less than a Main Dealer.

      Contact us with your query and we will take it from there. We are always happy to help, Even if your vehicle has been to another garage we are always confident we can get to the bottom of any fault.

      With vehicle technology becoming more sophisticated each year, it is …

    • We carry out MOT tests on site for both class 4 and class 7 vehicles.

      Same day while you wait, call now to book your MOT.

    • We can carry out a 4 wheel alignment check on your vehicle for just £29.99. This gives you a colour printout of the front and rear readings of the tracking, caster & camber. Each adjustment is charged at £10 (not including seized components) 

      In its most basic form, a wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. The purpose of these adjustments is maximum tire life and a vehicle that tracks straight and true when driving along a …

    • Manufactures recommend an Air Conditioning service every 24 months to keep your system working optimally.

      At RAF we can carry out a Air Con Recharge on both modern systems R134A & the latest R1234YA. We can also perform leak checks with Oxygen Free Nitrogen and carryout and nessacary repairs you vehicle may need.

      Regas prices start from £49.99 for R1341 & £129.99 for R1234YA. 


      A quick fix from a can! People offering a quick and cheap re-gas, or re-charge, usually …

    • At RAF we believe in keeping up to date with the latest technologies in the automotive industry.

      Hybrid vehicles have been around for a number of years now but the technology is now progressing leaps and bounds from a number of manufactures. There is no doubt about it ,Electric vehicles will be the future of motoring and these vehicles are becoming more and more popular with the price of fuel rising and new emission regulations such as ULEZ. We have qualified technicians for EV and have invested in the correct tools, safety equipment and …

    • Do you drive a diesel vehicle?

      If you drive a diesel car or van the chances are you have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). These filters are in place to reduce harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. They require frequent regeneration to keep the DPF from blocking with soot and ash.

      The problem

      The regeneration process will not self initiate for numerous reasons

      • Soot or ash content is excessively high
      • Engine management light on 
      • Oil change required

      DPF Related Components

      There are many components relating to your DPF and we have seen …

    • We have the expertise along with the latest diagnostics and electrical test equipment to diagnose and repair any electrical fault. 

      Over the last 10 years vehicles have become more and more reliant on computers. Many vehicles have computer modules for engine, gearbox, immobilizer, airbag, ABS, audio, climate control, headlights, wipers and much more.


      With the cost of replacement parts often well in the £100’s, it is vital that the correct diagnosis is achieved to avoid buying and fitting parts that are both not required and …

    • We are an approved dealer of Viezu Technologies and can remap your car or van to your exact requirements. Whether your looking for maximum performance, improved fuel economy or a custom map we can help.

      • More performance and power when you need it
      • Greater torque across the whole rev range
      • Sharper quicker throttle response
      • Smoother, quicker delivery of power
      • Reliable, quick and easy to install
      • Can be reverted to stock when needed


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