• Air Con

    Manufactures recommend an Air Conditioning service every 24 months to keep your system working optimally.

    At RAF we can carry out a Air Con Recharge on both modern systems R134A & the latest R1234YA. We can also perform leak checks with Oxygen Free Nitrogen and carryout and nessacary repairs you vehicle may need.

    Regas prices start from £49.99 for R1341 & £129.99 for R1234YA. 


    A quick fix from a can! People offering a quick and cheap re-gas, or re-charge, usually have no training or qualifications in car air conditioning. They also have no way of telling what amount of refrigerant (if any) is in the system, or indeed whether there is leak. They simply connect a can of refrigerant, open the valve and squirt some in.
    A cheap re-gas will leave moisture in the system, often creates air bubbles which are also injected into the system and can also result in too much refrigerant and not enough lubricant (oil). Moisture is an A/C system killer: unless it is removed it will cause component failure as well as causing the A/C system to perform poorly.
    A cheap re-gas is a total waste of your time and money, can easily damage your car’s A/C system & can release refrigerant into the environment (releasing CFCs into the atmosphere is also illegal and carries a heavy fine or jail).
    Pay just once and get it done properly! A/C systems must be fully degassed of any refrigerant as there is no way of telling how many grams of refrigerant are left (all systems suffer from natural seepage).Each A/C system requires a specific amount of refrigerant, and these levels range from 400gm to 1500gm.
    The A/C system has to be vacuum-checked for leaks and to remove all air and moisture. The vacuum test runs for 30 to 40 minutes to check for vapour or larger leaks. When the system is recharged the correct amount of refrigerant, the correct type & amount of oil and an Ultra Violet Dye is put into the system.
    Oil is the lubricant that keeps the A/C system running smoothly. It is carried around the system with the refrigerant and is also lost when the refrigerant level drops: a simple re-gas does not replace lost oil – imagine running your car with no oil!
    We add an Ultra Violet Dye to save you money in the future! Should your system develop a leak we can quickly and easily find the leak with an ultra-violet light and replace just the faulty parts.


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